Nunset Boulevard


The Little Sisters of Hoboken have been invited to sing at the famed Hollywood Bowl. They are thrilled at the prospect until they arrive and realize that they were instead booked to perform at the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama, a bowling alley with a cabaret lounge. When they hear that auditions are being held for a movie musical, “NUNSET BOULEVARD,” they recognize that landing a part in it would be a natural, although this also forces them to contemplate their true calling.

*Music samples courtesy of Nunsense Records, Dan Goggin and Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • The Little Sisters of Hoboken have been invited to sing at the Hollywood Bowl. They are thrilled at the prospect until they arrive and learn that they are booked into the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama, a bowling alley with a cabaret lounge, not the famed Bowl they were planning on.

    The show is structured in the tried and true variety format, but as always, things go awry. The Sisters have to contend with announcements from the bowling alley public address system as well as the activity on the lanes, which is occasionally heard but not seen.

    Midway through the first act, someone get wind of the fact that the famed movie producer, James Todd, is across the street auditioning for roles in his new movie musical, “NUNSET BOULEVARD: A Song from the Hart,” about the life of Dolores Hart, the famous movie star who became a nun. The Sisters, thinking they are naturals for parts, race off to audition during their own show’s intermission.

    In the second act, woven through the planned numbers are updates as to what has happened with the audition. In the end, of course, the Sisters all realize that their true calling is as nuns, and they head back to Hoboken to work with their students on the premiere of the school’s new show, “The Catholic High School Musical.”

    The Nunsense Hollywood Bowl Show
    By Dan Goggin

    The title page of the program shall contain the following announcement in type size at least one-half the size of the authors’ credits:

    is presented by arrangement with
    560 Lexington Avenue, New York, New York 10022

  • Full Orchestration:

    1 Violin

    1 Percussion:

    Timpani (two pedal drums)
    Trap set:
    Snare Drum
    Bass Drum
    Floor Tom
    Cymbals (Hi-Hat, Splash, Crash)
    Wood Block

    1 Synthesizer (upper keyboard: color registrations — lower keyboard: Bass)

    1 Piano-Celeste (Piano-Conductor’s Score sent with rehearsal material)

  • 1       Piano Conductor’s Score
    1       Prompt Book for Director
    5       Prompt Books for Cast
    5       Piano Conductor’s Scores for Cast

    Original Cast CD and DVD, if available, are sent with perusal material.

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  • Reverend Mother, Sister Mary Regina
    An Irish nun, rather hefty – a Sophie Tucker type. She was born into a circus family of tightrope walkers and was a tightrope walker herself. Her parents were known as Two Tons on the Tightrope. She entered the convent honoring a promise she made to the Lord when he saved her parents from drowning. (Vocally: A belter.)

    Sister Mary Hubert
    The Mistress of Novices. She was born in New Jersey and wanted to be a nun all her life. She is constantly getting Reverend Mother out of predicaments and feels she should really be Mother Superior. She is something like a Drill Instructor, claiming her methods are “gentle but firm.” (Strong singer – does the big gospel finale.)

    Sister Robert Anne
    A streetwise nun from Brooklyn, New York. She is tough as nails (but has a sentimental side). The students love her because she “speaks their language.” She spent part of her childhood in reform school and later had to decide between the convent and show business. With this show she thinks she might just be able to have it all! (Vocally: Needs a wide range, strong belter with a good head voice for ballads.)

    Sister Mary Amnesia
    An endearing nun (a Goldie Hawn-Gracie Allen type) who can’t remember who she is because a crucifix fell on her head. She is constantly causing problems through her naïve take on life. She has a puppet named Sister Mary Annette who is very risqué. (Vocally: Needs to be a legit soprano, but with a workable belt range.)

    Sister Mary Leo
    A dancer and wants to dedicate her life to God as the first nun ballerina. Reverend Mother insists on the traditional habit and will not let her wear a tutu. This is a source of endless frustration for her. She is young and has a lot to learn. (Good singer leaning toward legit and less belting.)

    Ursuldeen (or Earl Dean) Snedeker
    The pinsetter for the bowling alley. She (he) appears during the “Price is Righteous” game to help out. This character can be played by the assistant stage manager or a backstage deck person.

  • NUNSET BOULEVARD is the seventh in Dan Goggin’s series of NUNSENSE shows.

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